Is this how you feel about your knowledge about college applications ... especially in this COVID year?

Even if this isn't your first child preparing for the journey to college, this COVID year has put some bugs in the typical decision tree of navigating the application process.

College applications are not what they used to be.

Very Important + Complex

Colleges have become much more competitive that when we applied. Plus, there are laws, multiple deadlines, FERPA, FAFSA, supplemental essays ... you name it.

Let me guide your through the major milestones and key steps to feeling confident that your teen chooses best fit schools, gets the applications done right – and on time.

Don't leave any stones unturned

Besides being a college counselor, I'm a mom who just went through this process last year with my daughter. Believe me, there is a lot involved. And as a mom who likes to be there to support my daughter (and to know what is going on), I know there is a sharp learning curve.  While this course was created in the spirit of a mom wanting to share what she has learned and as a college coach who has worked one-on-one with students and interviewed dozens of admissions officers. My goal is to alert you to what I have found to be the key elements to get through the process. Of course I can't guarantee to include every detail involved - that would take volumes - but I want to point you in the direction of resources and share some guidelines. 

School counselors do their best, but they are often responsible for up to 500 students per counselor. And with classes being mostly online this fall, their programs for parents of seniors might be behind schedule or nonexistent. 

Not to worry. Once you see the topics in this course, you will learn some things and you will know what you still need to do more research on. And hey, it's free, so what have you got to lose?

I'm confident you'll be as proud as I was when my daughter graduated and we were all thrilled for her to open the next chapter of her life in college.  

Janet Larson

About the Creator

Janet’ mission is to provide courses and coaching services to guide individuals who are saying yes to a journey that fulfills their potential. She guides high school students on creating memorable and compelling essays for college applications. As a human potential author and trainer, Janet wrote the national award-winning (self-help category) book, My Diary Unlocked. She pioneered the BEING Compass™, a psycho-social-emotional learning tool to navigate life’s journey with a level of self-knowledge, resilience and confidence to experience one’s fullest potential while thriving with purpose and connecting with others in meaningful ways. Combining her writing skills with her experience in personal development training, she coaches families of college-bound teens on managing the stress of college applications. Ms. Larson served as Adjunct Instructor in leading San Diego universities including UCSD, USD, and SDSU, and has presented at conferences, such as the Minnesota Middle School Association, The Institute on Violence, Abuse and Trauma and the Girl Scouts of America Annual Convention. Education and Certifications: Master of Science degree, University of Oregon; Focus: HR and Psychology; Bachelor of Science, Business Administration; University of North Dakota; Train-The-Trainer Certification; Mediation and Conflict Resolution Certificate: San Diego County; Redirecting Children’s Behavior Certified Trainer; International Network for Children and Families (INCAF); and Self-Esteem Seminars graduate (personally coached by Jack Canfield, co-creator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul® series and author of The Success Principles).

Janet Larson, M.S.